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Citrus Lime Bearss
Bearss Lime 35 litre
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Citrus Lime Bearss

Bearss Lime is an improved selection of the Tahitian lime prized for it fruit quality and quantity. Rainbow Trees' Citrus are an advanced grade, grown in 35 litre pots. The trees are grafted onto trifoliata root stock to promote a disease resistant compact tree with high quality fruit. Bearss Lime will flower throughout the year but mainly in spring and the fruit can be harvested June to August, November and February/March. The fruit is larger than other Tahitian limes and rarely has seeds.

Plant Care

Citrus should be planted in a warm sunny sheltered spot in your garden . The soil needs to be free draining and rich in humus. Water well over summer months and feed in early Autumn and again in late spring. Any growth that appears below the graft should be removed immediately. Pruning for shape should be done in September each year.


Aside from the obvious benefits of the fruit, citrus can be trained up on standards as topiary subjects. They can be planted in pots or planters, espaliered along walls or fences . They make an interesting, useful and informal hedge and can be planted as specimens or among other shrubs and trees in garden beds.

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Citrus Lime Bearss
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