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Ficus carica Brown Turkey
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Ficus carica Brown Turkey
Fig Brown Turkey 45 litre
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Ficus carica Brown Turkey  Fruiting Fig

Figs are a popular hardy tree prized as much for their shape and form as well as for their fruit. Very old trees often take on unusual shapes and forms but with a little pruning they can be trained as shade trees, espaliered on a wall or fence or kept in large containers on patios and decks. Although deciduous, the large bold rich green foliage has a tropical appearance over the summer months. Fig Brown Turkey is a selection that bears large crops of green or pale brown fruit with white to amber flesh early in the season. Fruit is suitable for eating straight from the tree, making jams, drying or baking.

Plant Care

Little care is required to keep your fig trees in robust health. Prune in the winter months to whatever shape you desire. Figs require well drained soil and a warm sunny position in the garden. Irrigation over the early summer will increase the quantity and size of fruit later in the season.


The fruiting fig can be used as a screen or deciduous shelter tree as well as a shade tree, street tree, or espaliered on walls or fences. During the summer months it forms a dense leafy tree. Birds love the fruit as it ripens, the waxeye especially.


The edible Fig is one of the first plants cultivated by humans and was an important dietary and economic crop of the Roman Empire. Of course it was fig leaves that were used to help Adam and Eve show some modesty in the Garden of Eden, but as a deciduous tree it is unclear what the original pair wore during the winter months.

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Fig Brown Turkey
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